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What is the cost of Samsung appliance repair in Ottawa?

Frost in the Samsung refrigerator
Article of Serge, a local appliance technician from Ottawa, ON. Serge Appliance Repair.

I have a great experience with Samsung appliance repair. I have most of the parts I need in stock for the same-day repair of Samsung refrigerators, washing machines and dryers. Samsung is a trendy brand of home appliances in Canada. Look through the primary Samsung household devices, their everyday problems, and how much their repair will cost. The prices here are before taxes, including the part and the travel cost. It could increase because of complications, such as stacked (or stuck :)) appliances and other challenges, adding more time to the repair process.

Samsung Refrigerator repair costs.

The most popular Samsung refrigerator model is the French door freezer bottom refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerators are one of the reliable brands of refrigerators. It’s inexpensive, economical in electricity, has a refined design, and provides perfect airflow distribution between the food shelves.
What differentiates Samsung fridges from almost all other brands of fridges? Guess what? They have two evaporators! One evaporator is for the freezer, and the second is for the refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerator

Samsung fridge isn’t cold in the refrigerator compartment, but the freezer works.

What is the cost of Samsung refrigerator repair in Ottawa? Is it worth the repair? Usually, it doesn’t pass $230-250. So, it’s not bad.

The common problem with Samsung refrigerators is building up frost above the refrigerator’s evaporator and around the refrigerator’s fan.
This process could last several weeks and months, but the fan finally froze over and blocked up.
The first sign of the problem is a noise in the refrigerator compartment. When you open the refrigerator’s door, the noise stops and comes up again after a short time when you close the door. Why? When the door closes, the fan blade spins and touches the frost. The fan pauses when the door opens. Usually, after a few days, when the fridge is noisy, we notice that the noise disappears, but the refrigerator compartment gets warm. It comes because the fan is blocked by frost and ice (picture on the bottom right).

How to fix it?

Some people run to watch YouTube videos and try to defrost the refrigerator. They melt the ice and deliberate the fan. They do it every several weeks, but the problem persists. Finally, they call in the service technician. Not all repairmen know how to fix this problem correctly. It’s not enough to defrost the fridge again and again. I have been repairing this issue for over 15 years and know how to repair the Samsung refrigerator blocked fan problem. It usually costs around $230.

Frost in the Samsung refrigerator
Samsung fan frosted

It is leaking in the refrigerator compartment.

Every refrigerator has a defrost system. Water from the melting ice drains through the drain hole in the freezer. Another common problem of the Samsung freezer bottom refrigerator is the drain line freezing, which causes the leaking of defrosting water in the refrigerator. To solve this problem, the refrigerator compartment should be opened, and the drain line should be defrosted.  Installation of a drain heater is recommended (repair cost is $230). It will keep the line defrosted all the time.

Samsung washer repair costs.

The washer runs well during the wash cycle and will not do the spin cycle.

How much would Samsung washing machine repair cost in Ottawa and Gatineau? I want to note two of the most common problems with this brand. The first is the drum shaft/support problem.

The Samsung washer’s drum support, “spider,” is not as good as LG’s or Whirlpool’s washers. It could be cracked if you overload your washer or after several years of using the washing machine. It will drain the water and try to spin. But the washer can’t get the high-speed spin when the spider is cracked and out of balance. It tries to improve balance unsuccessfully and spins slowly endlessly. Watch the video

Shaft and support

From my point of view, this problem is not worth repairing for the old Samsung washer. Why?

  • We need to take apart the washing machine completely, which demands a lot of labour/money (around $250-300).
  • The drum support (spider) + bearings+ seal are expensive (around $250-300).
  • In my experience, investment in the old Samsung washer is not worth it. But I do this repair sometimes for the LG washing machine.

The washing machine stops before the spin cycle, doesn’t drain or doesn’t start any cycle.

The second common problem with the Samsung washing machine is the drain pump issue. It could be a broken pump when the pump impeller is loose. It is usually noisy during the draining cycle and doesn’t drain. Sometimes, the pump is defective, but it works. When it drains out some water very slowly. But often, when I open the pump, I find that the impeller is stuck with any objects or one of the drain hoses is clogged. I charge $260-300 to change the pump and $150 to liberate the drain system. 

Blocked washer's pump

Samsung dryer repair costs.

Dryers from this Korean corporation are very common in Canada. I believe that more than half of households use this make. What is the cost of Samsung dryer repair in Ottawa and Gatineau? Here are some examples of problems with my prices for its repair.

The squeeze noise.

The belt pulley causes it. This is my video for this issue.

Idler pulley Samsung dryer

No heating

If you notice no heating, be ready to pay for the heating element replacement. That may be $270 in total. Sometimes, it could be the overheating thermostat ($210), but it happens rarely. This picture is from the Amazon website.

Samsung heating element

Loud noise

The loud noise while spinning tells about the roller problem (about $210-240) for 1-2 rollers. There are four rollers in the dryer. The rollers support the dryer’s drum when spinning.

Can you fix it?

Now you know more about Samsung appliance problems and how much it costs to repair them.

Sure, there are many more issues with Samsung appliances, but these are the main ones. I don’t know why most websites prefer to list appliance malfunctions, starting with infrequent problems. Maybe they give you a chance to try to repair it yourself before contacting a repairman. You can try. I believe that everyone should concentrate on his work. I’m an experienced home appliance repair technician in Ottawa and Gatineau. I offer affordable prices and a personal guarantee. Read more on my FAQ page and watch more videos on my YouTube channel. I will be glad to read your comments and ask your questions. You can contact me on 7/7.

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