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Professional Affordable
Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Stove Repair in Ottawa

I provide a quick, affordable stove and oven repair in Ottawa. You can text me the model number of your appliance and explain the problem to receive a quick estimate for your stove repair (an oven, a cooktop, or a gas stove). Call me 7 days a week, 10 am-9 pm, to discuss your concerns and find the best solution. Use text messaging (613-806-9391) or an appointment form to provide me with more information. 

This is the page for the gas stove repair in Ottawa. 

Same-day Stove Repair in Ottawa.

Call me or text me whenever you need it. We will plan a visit. The first phase of the repair is diagnostic. Sometimes I need only to take a look, sometimes I need to take apart the stove. After the inspection, I will write you my quote.

Elecrtic stove repairman deals with three main types of problems:

Oven heating element breakdowns.

The oven has two main heaters: the broil at the top and the bake at the bottom. The convection heater works with the convection fan, spreading heat throughout the oven room. When you set up “bake” cooking, the broil will turn on to help the second heater. That is why when the bake is broken, we can feel some warmth. 
When we replace the heating element, we should check it for continuity. Sometimes, it doesn’t work because of temperature control, the main board, or just burned wire terminals.

Technichian with a drill near the open oven

Cooktop burners dysfunctions.

The stove usually has 4-6 heating elements: small or large, single, double, or triple. Their work is regulated by clocks (controls, infinitive switches) or the electronic board. Interestingly, the burner doesn’t have a thermostat that checks its temperature. The switch turns the electricity on and off more or less frequently according to the customer’s setting. Faulty clocks usually cause the problem of overheating. When the burner stops working, we must check the element coil, the overheating fuse, and the wires.

Stove single burner from the back
Stove burner from the back side
Burned buner's infinitive switch
Burned burner's clock

Main board problem.

The stove’s mainboard is its brain. All its parts are connected to it. Sometimes, there are several electronic control boards: a power board for heating elements and a front push-buttons control board (user interface). When the main board is broken, the stove doesn’t work, or one of the heaters stops working. This part should be replaced. Its cost may be from $150 to $400. 

Stove main board
Stove main board

Stove Repair Service Enquiry Online Form. Call in Serge, a local repairman from Ottawa.

If you have questions, please text me at 613-806-9391 (Serge) or fill out this simple contact form.
I’ll answer all your questions ASAP.

Appliance repair tech. Serge is checking the stove control