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Washing Machine Repair Ottawa and Gatineau

The washing machine is our best home helper. When it stops, and the clothes are wet, I can help you repair your washer quickly and effectively in Ottawa and the surrounding area. I’m an independent, experienced technician for home appliance repair in Ottawa.

I repair all types and makes of washing machines, including top-load and front-load models. Please read the information below attentively to ensure a smooth repair.

Call me on 7/7, 10 am-9 pm, to discuss your concerns and find the best solution. You can also provide me with more information via text message (613-806-9391) or an appointment form. 

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Same-day Washing Machine Repair in Ottawa.

You give me your availability, explain the problem, provide the model number, and I plan the visit. If I have to order parts, we will wait 1-2 days, as a rule. Usually, I have parts in stock, and I can come on the same day or the day after.

What to Do Before Calling the Repairman?

  • Be wise. If your washer has electronic control, unplug it for 5 minutes and then plug it in again to reboot it.
  • Try to write down the error code if it appears.
  • Be attentive. Please remember the history of your washer. Be ready to answer some questions. How did the problem start? How quickly does the cycle stop? Is there any noise or smell? And so on.
  • Clean the filter if the washer has one.
  • Check the electricity in the outlet by plugging into it another device.

The Estimate of the Washer Repair by Phone

When you call me, we will discuss the washing machine’s problem. I can come directly to check your washing machine, but we can also first discuss the problem and evaluate the repair: is the washer repairable? You can see some examples of unrepairable cases on my FAQ page.  There is a minimal charge if I have to come to check your washer and it’s not repairable: $90. Please read the article in my blog to get some idea of the washing machine repair costs. Every appliance dysfunction may be caused by several reasons. Read the article: Tricky problems with washing machines.

Provide an Access

What to expect during the repair? I will call you 30-60 minutes before. If water is in the washing machine tub, I will empty it to avoid a mess. I need access to the top of a washing machine to take it apart. So, I need somebody to help me to unstack the dryer if it is on top. You can take out the clothes from the washer before repair.

You can read my FAQ page, watch some of my videos about appliance repair on my YouTube channel, and read my clients’ reviews on my Google My Business page.

Samsung washing machine repair page.

My blog article: Tricky problems with washing machines. All the secrets of washing machine repair.

Call me now to get your washing machine fixed today! 613-806-9391

Whirlpool washing machine and dryer repair.
Whirlpool washer repair
Washing machine repair. Blocked washer pump.
Stuck drain pump

Door rubber cleaning video

Washing Machine Service Enquiry Online Form

If you have questions, please text me at 613-806-9391 (Serge) or fill in this simple contact form.
I’ll answer all your questions ASAP.

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Why Doesn't The Washing Machine Spin?

The washing machine won’t spin if:

  • There is a drain problem. The washer won’t start to spin when there is water in the drum. Usually, washing machines check the drain pump at the beginning of the cycle, and it won’t start if the pump is clogged or broken. The washer will stop in the middle of the cycle if the pump is okay, but the drain time is too long because of the restricted drain ways ( The picture on the right).
  • The drum is not balanced. The washing machine starts to spin but can’t spin fast. It stops and starts again trying to get balance. Sometimes, it is enough to stop the washer and readjust the clothes evenly along the tub diameter. This is a common problem with top-load washing machines.
    The Samsung front-load washing machines’ common problem is a broken shaft assembly (spider). When it starts to crack, the washer can’t get balanced and won’t spin fast. 
  • There is a motor problem. The motor speed sensor is a common issue of LG washing machines.
  • The door switch problem. This is a common dysfunction of top-load washing machines. The tub will agitate in the wash cycle but will stop when the washer tries to lock the lid before the spin cycle.
  • The belt is broken or slippy because of grease. Today there are more direct drive washers working without a belt.
  • The faulty clutch of top-load Whirlpool, Kenmore washing machines. The washer’s agitator will rotate during the wash cycle, but the tub doesn’t spin or spin slowly during the spin cycle. (The picture on the right).
  • The coupling (old top-load Whirlpool and Kenmore washers) is broken. A coupling is a connection between the motor and a tub. You can hear the noise of the motor, but the washer won’t spin from the beginning.

Call me or text me to repair washing machines in Ottawa. I have done it for more than 15 years and will be happy to help you.

613-806-9391 Serge

Samsung washing repair. Drain blocked with a coin.
Drain Problem
Clutch of Whirlpool washing machine. No-spin problem repair repair.
Faulty Clutch