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I know a lot of common problems with most appliances. According to your explanation, I can usually estimate the problem and the repair time. If you give me the model number of your appliance, I can check the price of the replacement part. I usually know the prices for popular appliances without the model number. Just to be clear, it’s impossible to provide a full estimate remotely. All breakdowns can be caused by several different problems. When I inspect the appliance in person, I sometimes find other parts that should be replaced as well. To know the full extent of the repair, I need to see the machine in person. I will always be truthful with my onsite inspections and estimates.

Most of the repairs take one hour and cost $150 plus parts. This price includes the visit ($70)+parts +labour+taxes. Some examples of the repair cost in my article

See the relevant questions in the following list.

  • LG refrigerator has a compressor issue. The compressor is not available.
  • Samsung washer has a spin problem caused by the cracked support of the drum. The total cost of the repair is more than $600, and it isn’t worth the repair.

  • Whirlpool refrigerator has a freon leaking problem. It’s unrepairable because we can’t find the gas leaking point or the fridge tube system is rusted.

  • Kenmore refrigerator has a main board issue. The part is available in three weeks, and you can’t wait so long.

  • Maytag dryer has a main board issue. The part costs about $400. You may decide not to repair it.

  • Verifying the dryer’s electric outlet shows an electric problem in the house.

  • The house’s clogged drain system causes the washing machine’s leaking.

  • The dryer doesn’t dry clothes because of the clogged vent system in the wall.

The prices are the same for every day and every hour.

These costs include transportation expenses, the time it takes to diagnose the device, to take it apart and put it back together during the diagnostic, to provide the evaluation, and the time it takes to order and pick up parts from my supplier. 

– Travel is more expensive for regions that are more than 30 minutes away by car from my location.
– The repairs are more expensive when I need to come several times or when I need more than 2 hours for the repair. 

– Diagnosis of a second device in the same house is $40 (-40%).

– For repeat customers – a reduction of $10.

– Quick diagnostic. If the diagnostic takes less than 15 minutes, it will cost only $50.

In all cases, I produce a written estimate before each repair.

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The warranty is valid for 3 months for parts and for labour. In the event of a problem covered by the guarantee, I will take care of it as soon as I possibly can. 

I don’t do installations. This often requires the presence of a second worker. I prefer to focus on repairs. I can uninstall and reinstall the appliance when needed for repair. Depending on the situation, there may then be additional costs.

If I find that a “non-original” part provides the same quality with a considerably lower price, I will offer it to you. See please my video on this topic.

Most of the repairs cost $150-$180 + parts. The part price is approximate.

  1. Samsung washer doesn’t drain.
    We need to empty the washer of water, take the front panel apart, disconnect the pump, clean it or replace it and put it back together. Labour variant 1. The pump is blocked-$150+taxes. Labour variant 2. The pump is broken – $180+the pump $80 = $260+taxes. Labour variant 3. The filter is clogged – $130 (small repair)
  2. Whirlpool refrigerator – water is leaking
    $150+taxes. To remove the freezer compartment, defrost and clean the drain system in the freezer and at the exit in the back of the fridge.
  3. Samsung dryer heating element/pulley/belt/rollers replacement – $180+the parts.
    The parts: heating element – $90, pulley- $50-$60, belt – $30
  4. The dishwasher is not heating.  
    This repair consists of 2 travels. First visit to the diagnosis and to find out what part to order. Second visit for the installation.
     It will cost $180+the part (thermostat-$30)=$210
  5. Kenmore refrigerator – no cooling in the fresh food compartment.
    Defrost system problem. This repair demands some labour. The problem diagnosis, to take apart the freezer compartment to defrost the evaporator. To install and program the main board ($150).
    $180 (labour)+part($150)=$330+tax
    My article devoting to this topic. 

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