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How to set up and control the proper temperature of a fridge?

Did you know that even the slightest increase in the temperature inside your fridge can lead to spoiled food because of harmful bacteria propagation? So, setting the corre

Common Dryer Breakdowns and Repairs

Using a dryer is convenient and saves you time. Yet even the most reliable dryer can get out of order with time.

Why Do Things Shrink in the Dryer: A Short Explanation.

Have you ever faced a situation where you expect to get your clothes warm and soft after drying them in a dryer, but something goes wrong, and your clothes look terrible? I ha

white washing machine near plant

How to Choose a Washing Machine

By Serge of Serge Appliance Repair Ottawa, Canada.

Single-Chamber or Two-Chamber Refrigerator?

Deciding on which refrigerator to buy is a serious task for each homeowner.

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