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How to get the best price for home appliance repair in Ottawa?

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Article by Serge, a local appliance technician from Ottawa, ON. Serge Appliance Repair.
The typical pricing system for appliance repair in Ottawa is a flat cost. The flat appliance repair cost in Ottawa is $180-200 plus parts. It seems like a lot. Anyway, why do clients like this pricing method? Because they know that they won’t pay more than $200 for their appliance repair. Won’t they? No. Don’t forget about the cost of the parts. It could be very variable. Sometimes, the spare parts are costly. Why do technicians like this pricing method? Because they receive enough money even for minor repairs. The negative part is that they have to do large complicated repairs for the same money. Will they? Maybe they won’t. 

Indeed, the repair cost is an economic category, so it should provide an average profit for this labour in this region (Ottawa). However, the final price is determined by the service provider. In my work, I use the flat cost system, but I accommodate it as much as possible for the different repair cases. In this article, I will show you when the appliance repair price could go up and when it could go down. 


High and low periods.

When I, as a technician, have a lot of calls, I don’t need to think about price changes, but I won’t increase it immediately on the day when I have an influx of calls. During a low period, when I don’t have many calls, I will be more flexible with pricing. I will offer discounts, take more complicated repair cases, and travel further than usual. Summer is a high period, but it is unpredictable. 



You can get a better price when you can wait for the repair. A same-day appointment is always possible, but if you can delay it, do it. You give time to technicians for travel planning and parts preparation. That is most important for complicated cases, and rare appliance makes. 


Regular and special repairs.

  • The Brand

The spare parts for some brands like Hier, Danby, and Blomberg are mostly unavailable or the waiting time could be three weeks or more. This is because these makes are uncommon in North America. The classic example is a compressor issue, the LG refrigerator. This problem is common for older LG fridges. This compressor is available only for LG technicians. Sophisticated top-level brands of Miele, Sub-Zero, and Thermador usually should be repaired by their company specialists and, in any case, won’t be done with the “flat repair cost.” 

  • Standard repair cases

 A standard repair case is when a technician can repair an appliance on the first visit because he has the part in stock or prepared it beforehand. It could be a common repair like the oven’s bake heating element replacement when a client tells you precisely the problem. So you come with a burner.  Or when you know about this problem from your experience. Like “Fresh food compartment isn’t cold enough” for a Whirlpool/ Amana refrigerator. That is always a main control board issue. So, you evidently should have this part in stock to be ready for a “same-day appointment.” 

  • Complicated cases

Some examples of complicated repairs. 

  1. Travel is more than 20 km / 30 minutes from the city center. 
  2. Stacked appliances. It is necessary to deinstall/reinstall them.
  3. A tech has to take apart the appliance (the refrigerator usually) for a diagnostic, put it all together, and come back and do the work for the second time. It happens when the diagnostic is complicated, and the customer needs to use the appliance (the refrigerator usually), waiting for the parts to arrive. 
  4. High-end luxury appliance brands (Miele, Sub-Zero).

These repair cases are not in the flat repair cost category. Usually, some additional fees will be applied. 


  • Simple repair cases

  1. The repairs travel distance of less than 15 minutes.
  2. The repair is done in less than 20 minutes.

In these cases, you can receive a discount. Not all the companies do it.

Technician experience and reputation.

Some starting companies can offer you lower prices. I can’t say that it will always be a wrong choice. It depends on the repair difficulty and the technician’s skills. 


The spare parts 

The cost of spare parts is an important component of the total repair price. There are OEM parts and non-original ones. Usually, every company has a local provider for their spare parts. The biggest parts provider in Ottawa is Reliable Parts. Some OEM parts are very costly, which makes the repair non-profitable. An experienced technician has many high-quality, less expensive non-OEM parts. On this point, the trust between the technician and the client is most important. 

Hopefully, you can now better understand how Ottawa’s appliance repair cost could and should change. Using this information, you can get the best price for your appliance repair. My average repair cost is $160-200 (see F.A.Q). I use some discounts or fees according to the factors explained in this article. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Serge Appliance Repair Ottawa and Gatineau.

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