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Professional Afforfable Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Professional Affordable
Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Refrigerator Repair in Ottawa and Gatineau

I repair all popular refrigerator makes and models. As an independent technician, I can quickly fix your refrigerator and give you the best price and a personal guarantee.

What are the main signs of refrigerator dysfunction?

  • there is no cooling at all
  • less/no cooling in the fresh food compartment, but the freezer seems OK
  • less cooling in the entire refrigerator
  • noise
  •  water leaking/ice building
  • the refrigerator doesn’t start at all/no power

Refrigerator repairs deal with three main types of problems:

Call me on 7/7, 10 am -9 pm, to discuss your concerns and find the best solution. Use text messages (613-806-9391) or an appointment form to provide me with more information. 

Same-day Refrigerator Repair in Ottawa.

Call me or text me whenever you need it, even at night. We will plan a visit. The first phase of the repair is diagnostic. Sometimes I need only to take a look, sometimes I need to take apart the fridge. After the inspection, I will write you my quote.

Are There Unrepairable Problems?

Yes. Some problems aren’t worth the repair cost. One of them is a compressor replacement.  Another but very rare limit is the unavailability of spare parts. I will do my best to find a replacement part whenever possible. I don’t repair freon problems because these repairs often don’t last. I always try to avoid useless visits. I can’t estimate exactly every repair over the phone, but I usually can identify the unrepairable cases.

Examples Of Refrigerator Repair Quotes

Example 1

The problem: no cooling in the fresh food compartment.

Whirlpool refrigerator evaporator fan motor – $104. Labour – $180.

Total $284+taxes

Example 2

The problem: Very noisy Kenmore refrigerator.

The noise is because of an old compressor. The repair is too costly.
Travel and diagnosis. 
Total $60+taxes (quick diagnostic).

Example 3

The problem: water leaking from the freezer.

Labour. Drain system cleaning. Maytag refrigerator.

Total $180+taxes

If you agree with my repair estimate I will provide the repair.  If we decide not to repair it or if it is unrepairable, I will charge $90 for a service call (quick diagnostic $60). Usually, I have the part in stock. Therefore I can provide the repair after the diagnostic. When I order the parts, I will come back in one to two days as a rule.

You can watch some of my videos about appliance repair on my Youtube channel, FAQ page, and blog.

Call me now to get your refrigerator fixed today! Tel. 613-806-9391 (7/7, 10 am-9 pm).

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