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Professional Afforfable Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Professional Affordable
Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Serge Appliance Repair Ottawa

The quick and efficient appliance repair service in Ottawa and Gatineau: Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens. Gas appliance repair. Experienced technician. (En/Fr).

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Bill Lawton


I don’t sell spare parts.

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24/7 Repair Service

I am available seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can send appointment forms and text messages at any time. Usually, I will answer soon.

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Appliance Repair Estimate and Discounts

Get advice by phone before the appointment. I will analise your information about your appliance's issue. It's impossible to estimate all the repairs remotely, but I try my best to avoid unnecessary visits.

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Fast And Efficient Appliance Repairs

I will give you an appointment for your appliance repair in Ottawa and Gatineau as soon as possible, usually on the same day, according to your availability. Most of the repairs I finish during the first visit.

The Quality and Affordability Of My Service

I'm a professional technician.

I have been working as an appliance technician for the past 17 years. My service area is Ottawa and Gatineau. I have provided about 10.000 repairs to washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers. I have completed several professional courses: electricity, refrigeration and household appliances maintenance, diagnosis, and repair. This theoretical basis helps me understand devices’ technology and diagnose appliances’ malfunctions. I love my job even though it’s dirty and manual. I like investigating and solving appliance problems, meeting new people, and making them a little happier.

The key to my service - my values.

Everybody knows that knowledge and manual skills are essential in appliance repair, but more is needed. Everybody can study how to repair a fridge or a washing machine. The most important thing is to be straightforward and honest with my clients. I will always tell them the truth. I will find the best way to repair your appliance at an affordable price and with the best quality

From the first phone call (I speak English and French) until your last question, I will be your technician. You can rely on me.

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Contact And Estimate By Phone

Text me (613-806-93-91) with your information (a make, a model number, a problem), fill out the online Service enquiry form, or call me. Try to give me more information about the issue. So I could provide you with an accurate repair estimate by phone.

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The Bill

After completing the work, I will prepare an electronic invoice, which I will send you by email. You will find on the invoice the prices of the parts and the labor, the warranty, my business information, and a button to pay the invoice by credit card.

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Parts And Warranty

I have most of the parts needed for repairs in stock. Sometimes, depending on your problem, I order parts before I arrive. I give you a 3-month warranty for the labor and the parts I replaced.

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The Visit - Diagnostic is the key to appliance repair

I will check your appliance and give you a repair quote. Usually, I have to take apart the device to find the problem. I will then give you a repair estimate. Should the repair not be economical, you only pay a 90-dollar service fee. Quick diagnostic is only $60. 

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I will make an appointment according to your availability, generally for the same day or the next day. I will call you or text you 30 minutes before my arrival.

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The Cost Of Repair - Affordable appliance repair

The total repair price for most repairs is $180-$220 (including the visit) + parts + taxes.

Why do People Enjoy my Service?

  • You call and speak to an experienced technician. We will discuss the problem and the efficient ways to repair it or choose to buy a new appliance.
  • Same-day repair. I will come on the day and time you are available and give you a call shortly before the visit. 
  • I have most spare parts in stock or buy them the day before the repair, so I don’t need to come twice.
  • After investigating the problem with the appliance, I will show you the broken part and explain the issue thoroughly
  • I will give you some recommendations on how to use the appliance correctly. 
  • Affordable appliance repair – no hidden fees, precise estimation and discounts.
Tech Serge is checking an evaporator drain in the Maytag Fridge .

Service Enquiry Online Form

If you have questions before trying my service, please call me at 613-806-9391 or fill in this simple contact form.
I’ll answer all your questions asap.

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Payments and Invoices

I use electronic invoices, which I send to you by email. So, this system is very comfortable for landlords. I will contact their tenant, provide the repair, and then email the invoice to the landlord. The invoice can be paid directly online with a credit card or e-transfer. You can keep your invoice in the email box. If we need it, we can check the invoice to verify the repair date and the parts on warranty. A printed invoice will be provided for people who do not use email. The Square payment system we use has the highest level of security for your personal information. Please, see the Privacy Policy page for more details.


Appliance repair in Ottawa - you will be satisfied with my work!

Whirlpool refrigerator repair. Defrost termostat replacement.

I repair popular refrigerator brands like Amana, Frigidaire, Maytag, KitchenAid, and Samsung. I know a lot of common refrigerator issues. When you say that an LG fridge is not cooling, I know that it’s a compressor problem. The GE fridge isn’t starting. In most cases, it is a main board issue. Kenmore refrigerator? I have to see it. Kenmore is a very general brand that can be connected to various makes. You could be surprised, but one of the most popular refrigerator failures comes not from its cooling system but from the refrigerator’s heating (defrost) system.

LG washing machine pump repair. Serge with a mask.

I know the technical characteristics of washing machines and the signs of their breakdowns. This allows me to estimate the repair cost during the phone call. The LG washer is leaking. When? Always?! Ok. Inlet valve issue. Samsung washing machine doesn’t drain. The pomp is clogged or broken. The Whirlpool washer (old models) doesn’t spin. Does it stop and don’t drain out? Ok. The door switch is broken. The front washer leaks. I need more info. At the beginning or while spinning or always or sometimes or even when it doesn’t work?

Appliance technician - Samsung dryer repair. Front removing.

I repair such brands of dryers as Samsung, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Amana, Whirlpool, and LG. Samsung dryer, I could guess, is the most popular. Its weak parts are the heating element and drum rollers. The old Whirlpool dryer has been capable of working for more than twenty years. If it doesn’t start, we need to check the fuse or the door switch. LG dryer is very durable. When it becomes noisy, we need to replace the pulley. It never has a heating element failure.

F. A. Q.

How can you estimate the cost of the repair and establish the prise over the phone?

I know a lot of common problems with most appliances. I can usually estimate the problem and repair time according to your explanation. If you give me the model number of your appliance, I can check the price of the replacement part. I usually know the prices for popular appliances without the model number. To be clear, it’s impossible to provide a total estimate remotely. Several different problems can cause the same sign of breakdown. When I inspect the appliance in person, I sometimes find other parts that should be replaced. To know the full extent of the repair, I need to see the machine in person. 

Most repairs take one hour and cost $180-230 plus parts + taxes. This price includes the visit ($90). 

  • LG refrigerator has a compressor issue. The compressor is not available.
  • The cracked drum support causes the spin problem in the Samsung washer. The total cost of the repair is more than $600, and it isn’t worth the price.
  • The Whirlpool refrigerator has a freon leaking problem. It’s unrepairable because we can’t find the gas leaking point.
  • Your Kenmore refrigerator’s main board is defective. The part is available in three weeks, but you can’t wait that long.
  • Your Maytag dryer’s main board is damaged. The part costs about $400, so you may decide not to repair it.
  • Verifying the dryer’s electric outlet shows an electric problem in the house.
  • The house’s clogged drain system causes the washing machine to leak.
  • The dryer doesn’t dry clothes because of the clogged vent system in the wall.

The service fee includes transportation expenses, the time it takes to diagnose the device, disassemble it and reassemble it during the diagnostic, provide the evaluation, and order and pick up parts from the supplier. 

  • Travel is more expensive for regions more than 30 minutes away by car from my location.
  • The repairs are more expensive when I need to come several times or more than 1 hour and a half for the repair.
  • Stacked appliances
  • Diagnosis of a second appliance in the same house is $60 (-30%).
  • Quick repair (less than 20 minutes) – $20 discount. 
  • For repeat customers – a reduction of $10 for the diagnostic or $20 for the repair. 
  • Quick diagnostic. If the diagnostic takes less than 15 minutes, it will cost only $60.

Customer service is available on weekends, and we try to provide urgent repairs.

Although most spare parts are in stock, some specific ones should be ordered on workdays. On the weekend, text or call us to ask about them. The prices are the same every day and every hour. 

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As a home appliance technician, I see a lot of broken appliances…Some of these appliances are more than 30 years old and it is remarkable to see how long they have held up. Others are “just after the one-year warranty” and, unfortunately, should be thrown away…

Maytag washer -50 years old.

Why did my appliance break down so soon?

As a home appliance technician, I see a lot of broken appliances…Some of these appliances are more than 30 years old and it is remarkable to see how long they have held up. Others are “just after the one-year warranty” and, unfortunately, should be thrown away…


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