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Professional Afforfable Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Professional Affordable
Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Appliance Repair Gatinaeu

Quick, professional, affordable, local appliance repair service in Gatineau. Same-day repair for washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, dryers and dishwashers in Aylmer, Hull, Chelsy. I work with individual customers and rental companies in Gatineau. 

The best way to contact me is to send me a text message or to fill out an appointment form. But I’m available for phone calls ( 613-806-93-91) from 10 am to 10 pm too. I am ready to answer all your questions and give you a quick estimate for repair. 

Why choose me as your service technician in Gatineau?

Do you need the individual approach, good price, and guarantee for your appliance repair in Gatineau? During my 17-year career, I have done thousands of home appliance repairs. As a result, I can find the best solution for every problem with your washer, dryer, or fridge. In other words, I try to repair your device quickly and at the best possible price. In the end, the satisfaction of my clients is my main rule.

Want To Know More About My Repair Service?

  • Read my FAQ page. See my prices policy and the repair process for home appliance repair in Ottawa.
  • My Youtube channel shows my real work examples and instructions videos.
  • See my client’s reviews on Google my business page.
  • Check my blog for more insight.
  • Call me  613-806-9391, 7/7, 10 am- 9 pm (Serge)
Whirlpool washing machine and dryer repair
Whirlpool washer and dryer
Appliance repair - Electrolux dryer
Electrolux dryer
Appliance repair-Whirlpool washer motor
Whirlpool washing machine repair

Order your appliance repair in Gatineau now from local repair service.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Service Enquiry Form for washer, dryer and refrigerator repair in Gatinaeu

If you have questions before trying my service, please call me at 613-806-9391 (Serge) (10 am-10 pm) or fill in this simple contact form.
I’ll answer all your questions ASAP.  

Appliance repair-defrost system issue