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Dryers make our life easier. When the dryer doesn’t spin or heat, we need to fix our dryers as soon as possible. In my view, dryer repair is the most simple work. No water, hoses, or bearing issues. All the dryers are the same: big drum, heating element, blower, four rollers and belt. The most common problem is a burned heating element or its thermostat. The second common issue is noisy rollers or belt idlers. So, any make and any problem: call me on 7/7, 10 am-9 pm. I will enjoy my job, and you will enjoy your dryer working again. 
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Our first conversation

Anyway, I have to ask you some questions when you call me. I need to be ready to repair your dryer.

  • The first question is the make of your dryer to ensure all the parts are in stock.
  • What is the problem of the dryer? Dryer is not spinning or no heat, or it is noisy, so on
  • When you have a stacked dryer, I need your help to put it on the floor. But not always. If there is good access to the top of the dryer, I don’t care that it is on the second floor.
  • Mainboard issues. Error codes F1, F0. This repair will be expensive.

Same-day dryer repair

So, we plan the visit’s day and time. I will call you 30-60 minutes before coming. Most repairs will be finished in one hour. But the first step before the repair is providing the diagnosis and written estimation. Usually, to give you the final quote, I need to come and see your dryer because there are multiple reasons for the same dryer problem. You can look over my pages: Why the dryer doesn’t heat? and Why the dryer doesn’t spin?

Examples of estimates of dryer repairs

Example 1.
The problem: no heating.

  1. Samsung dryer heating element/kit of thermostats – $80 / $60
  2. Labour – $150

Total – $230/$210 + taxes

Example 2.
Some examples of cases are when you pay only the visit (travel and diagnosis) ($70). The problem: the dryer doesn’t start (it is not spinning).

  • The problem is with the electricity of the building.
  • The problem is with the control board, and it is too expensive. 

Example 3.
The problem: the dryer is noisy. This problem could be caused by moving parts, such as the drum rollers, the belt pulley, the drum, and even the motor.

  1. Travel and labour – $150-$180

To finish the dryer repair

Once you agree with the estimate, I will install the part, clean the dryer and check all its parts to prevent future problems. Another critical point is checking the dryer vent. I always disconnect and clean the duct. I check the dryer’s outdoor exit. If the house’s vent system is clogged, you must clean it by hiring a cleaning company. This is very important to prevent problems with overheating thermostats and heating elements. The blocked vent is also a fire danger.

dryer duct clogged

Get more info

You can read my FAQ page, watch some of my videos about appliance repair on my Youtube channel and read my client’s reviews on my Google my business page. I’m waiting for your call to discuss your questions. I’m looking forward to fix your dryer. You can text me more information to 613-806-9391

Appliance repair - Electrolux dryer

Electrolux dryer repair. Technician Serge

Samsung heating element
Samsung dryer heating element and thermostats.
samsung dryer repair

Stacked dryer. Heating element installation.

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