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Professional Afforfable Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Professional Affordable
Appliance Repair Service In Ottawa

Gas appliance repair in Ottawa

We have a certified, experienced gas technician on our team. Gas stoves and dryers use propane or natural gas, a fossil fuel that is also explosive. This invisible natural gas quickly leaks through any small hole. Use only certified and trained gas technicians to avoid damage to your property and health. We serve the Ottawa region for gas stove and gas dryer repair. 
Gas appliance repair tech near the gas stove

Gas stove repair in Ottawa

List of the common problems with the gas stove (propane stove):

  • Gas odour—this is a sign of gas leaking. To avoid an explosion, close the main gas valve, open the windows, and don’t switch on any electrical devices.
  •  Low flame. The burner should be cleaned. The low gas pressure in the system could also be a cause. 
  •  An igniter is clicking endlessly. Sometimes, the igniter is just dirty and can’t ignite the flame. It could be a broken burner switch, which sends an electrical signal to the igniter.
  • The gas burner is not lighting because of a faulty igniter or a problem with gas valves.
  • The flame starts and goes away in a moment. This is usually the problem of the security sensor, which blocks the gas supply when there is no ignition. 
Gas stove with five burners

Gas dryers repair in Ottawa​

Common problems of the gas dryers:

First, the gas dryer is almost the same as the electrical one. But the difference is the source of the heat. The gas dryer has an electrical supply, too, but it is 110V, opposite to the electric dryer, which uses 220V for the heating element. 

This is why the gas dryer has all the electric dryer problems and their own related to the gas system. 

These are some common issues with the gas dryer.

  • No ignition because of the lousy igniter 
  • The flame is not stable because of gas regulation valves.
  • Flame sensor problem – the ignition doesn’t stop

Some pictures are from the Sears Part Select site.

Coils of the gas dryer
The pictuer of the gas valves (Sears Part Select)

Gas appliance repair cost in Ottawa

Gas appliance repairs are always more expensive than electric ones, requiring higher qualifications and experience. The initial diagnostic for a gas stove or dryer costs $130. After the problem is investigated, you will receive a written quote that includes labour and parts.

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Burners of the gas stove