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Washing Machine Is Not Spinning

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In this article, I will show you why the washing machine doesn’t spin.

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washer's drain clogged with a sock
Washer Drain Clogged
Appliance repair-Whirlpool washer motor
Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair
Appliance repair-LG washing machine pump repair
LG Washer Repair

Why Doesn't The Washing Machine Spin?

The washing machine won’t spin if:

  • There is a drain problem. The washer won’t start to spin when there is water in the drum. Usually, washing machines check the drain pump at the beginning of the cycle, and it won’t start if the pump is clogged or broken. The washer will stop in the middle of the cycle if the pump is okay, but the drain time is too long because of the restricted drain ways ( The picture on the right).
  • The drum is not balanced. The washing machine starts to spin but can’t spin fast. It stops and starts again trying to get balance. Sometimes, it is enough to stop the washer and readjust the clothes evenly along the tub diameter. This is a common problem with top-load washing machines.
    The Samsung front-load washing machines’ common problem is a broken shaft assembly (spider). When it starts to crack, the washer can’t get balanced and won’t spin fast. I usually know that it is when I get a call about the Samsung washer spin problem.
  • There is a motor problem. The motor speed sensor is a common issue of LG washing machines.
  • The door switch problem. This is a common dysfunction of top-load washing machines. The tub will agitate in the wash cycle but will stop when the washer tries to lock the lid before the spin cycle.
  • The belt is broken or slippy because of grease. Today there are more direct drive washers working without a belt.
  • The faulty clutch of top-load Whirlpool, Kenmore washing machines. The washer’s agitator will rotate during the wash cycle, but the tub doesn’t spin or spin slowly during the spin cycle. (The picture on the right).
  • The coupling (old top-load Whirlpool and Kenmore washers) is broken. A coupling is a connection between the motor and a tub. You can hear the noise of the motor, but the washer won’t spin from the beginning.

I am very surprised that the washing machines have so many spin problems. Overall, when the washer doesn’t spin, it could be a drain problem, a balance problem, or a drive-gear issue.

blocked drain Samsung washing machine
Drain Problem
Clutch whirlpool washing machine
Faulty Clutch

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