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Single-Chamber or Two-Chamber Refrigerator?

two-chamber refrigerator

Deciding on which refrigerator to buy is a serious task for each homeowner. How to choose a good fridge? This household appliance should meet several criteria for choosing a refrigerator; it should be spacious enough, work efficiently and be energy-saving. That’s not all, although. The design of a fridge also matters! Will it be better to select a single-chamber model or a double-chamber model? Let’s consider which option will suit you best regarding its economy, freeze functions, and repair costs.

 So, which refrigerator is best for you, single-chamber or two-chamber? Here is some information for you to consider before making your purchase.

Single-Chamber Refrigerator

First of all, what is a single-chamber fridge?

There are two main types of single-chamber fridges. 

  • The compact one. It can have a small freezer or without a freezer.
  • A bigger and more modern-styled one.

Usually, the first type of single-chamber fridge (the small one) has a unified compartment for all the shelves. These models suit even the smallest kitchens. This can also serve as an additional fridge to keep fresh veggies, fruits, and beverages and not overload the main refrigerator. Aside from that, this type of fridge is typically used in hotels and motels.

The big one is a good idea for families where the lion’s share of products can be stored together, yet still, there is no need for a big freezing chamber.


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Two-Chamber Refrigerator

two-chamber refrigerator

Two-chamber fridges are commonly used today, providing higher performance and more operational modes available. These fridges have two chambers with separate doors for a freezer and a main compartment. But we lost our refrigerator or main compartment volume while getting a freezer compartment. As for the advantages and disadvantages of a two-chamber fridge, on average, they are as follows:


  • Higher performance,
  • Improved operating modes management due to separated operated modes adjustments for each chamber.
  • More opportunities for the choice of space for products.
  • There is a freezer compartment for long-term product savings. 


  • It requires more space to mount, as most two-chamber models are bigger in dimensions, and there are fewer compact models than single-chamber ones.
  • It consumes more energy than most one-chamber models.
  • The fresh food section is not enough for the usual family.
  • It costs more than a single-chamber fridge.

Some Tips and Conclusions on the Best Choice of a Fridge

Concluding which fridge type is better, I can say one main thing. When you decide on which type to purchase, take into account the following features of your household:

  • The space of your kitchen where you want to mount the fridge.
  • How many people live in the household? 
  • How crucial is a spacious freezer for you? If you freeze many products, a double-chamber with a giant freezer is a win-win option for you or a separate freezer in addition to a single-chamber.

Besides, among the main tips & tricks on choosing a fridge, you shouldn’t stick to characteristics of single-chamber and two-chamber refrigerators. The brand, the type of compressor, and the cooling technology matter no less. Moreover, it is better to consider even the energy-consumption class to get the best model in its category. In my experience, you can get a two-chamber fridge to keep the main products and one or a couple of single-chamber ones. The last ones will serve as additional in case of the breakdown of the main fridge or keep more products fresh without overloading the main refrigerator.

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