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Samsung appliance repair in Ottawa

Samsung means three stars in Korean language, as a big, shining, and strong company.

Samsung is one of the world leaders in home appliance manufacturing. Samsung refrigerators, stoves, dryers, and dishwashers are very popular in Canada in the middle-low price category. They attract consumers with their good design, simple interface, and efficiency. They won an Energy Star High Efficiency award in 2023.

Anyway, Samsung Appliances requests maintenance and repair. 

 I will give you some examples of everyday problems with Samsung appliances. I didn’t want to provide a complete list of the appliance problems, but I describe the main common issues I have usually repaired. 

Same-day Samsung appliance Repair in Ottawa.

Samsung washing machine repair near me.

The list of the common problems of Samsung washing machines:


I will arrange the related issues in groups and explain their causes.

  • No drain, no spin, doesn’t start the cycle:
    Clogged pump or drain hoses, broken pump. Very often repair. When the washing machine can’t drain water, it doesn’t start the cycle or stops in the middle. Usually, we need to take out all the front of the washer to get access to the pump.
  • The drain is okay, but the spin cycle is insufficient.
    When the display repeatedly shows 7-10 minutes, the washer tries to distribute the clothes again and start the quick spin. However, it can’t spin because of a lack of balance due to cracked drum support. This is the leading killer of front-loading Samsung washers. This repair is too costly and not worth the money because we need to take the washer apart completely, and the parts are expensive, too.
  • Other common issues are leaking holed door seals or drain hoses. The door seal costs about $120-$180, depending on the model.
  • The last two issues do not apply to top-load washers: they don’t have the seal and support. Their common problem is an unstable spin cycle due to worn suspensions.

Which of these issues has your washer? You can discuss it with me. Fill out the appointment form to order the same-day repair of a Samsung washing machine in Ottawa or Gatineau. 

LG washing machine pump repair. Serge with a mask.
Drain pump replacemet. Samsung top loading washing machine.

Samsung dryer repair in Ottawa.

Main problems of the Samsung dryer

NOISE. Noise comes from the moving parts: drum support rollers (15% of the cases), belt pulley (70%), or fan blower (10%). Nosy cracked drums or loose motors are very rare issues. 

There is no HEAT. In 90% of cases, it will be a burned heating element. The cut-off thermostat (7%). The main board and wires are the rest 3%

The dryer DOESN’T START. The broken belt pulley (75%) and torn belt (20%). Other causes, such as a main board, door switch, and blocked blower, are rare.

The dryer DOESN’T STOP:)) The faulty mainboard causes this issue. 

I’m waiting for your call to discuss your questions. I have a great experience in Samsung dryer repair.

You can text me your information at 613-806-9391 or fill out the appointment form online.

Samsung dryer repair. Heating element replacement.
Stacked dryer. Heating element installation.
Appliance technician - Samsung dryer repair. Front removing.
Samsung dryer repair. Technician Serge.

Samsung refrigerator repair in Ottawa.

Main problems of the Samsung refrigerator

NOISE. You open the fridge door, and the noise stops. This is an evaporator fan issue. Usually, the fan is not broken but touches the ice formed near it. 

WATER in the refrigerator. The drain hole is frozen, and defrost water leaks inside the fridge.

NO COOLING in the refrigerator. The fan is blocked with ice and can’t spread the cold through the fridge.

All these three issues are sides of the main problem: ice building up in the evaporator in the fresh food compartment. ( See the pictures). This problem is specific to the Samsung French-door refrigerator with the Multi-flow function because only this model has two evaporators: one in the freezer at the bottom and one in the fridge at the top. 
This trendy model has been sold for 20 years. It has many pros, such as its price, design, durability, and efficiency. But it has only one con, which I have described. 
I know how to repair this problem and provide a long life for your Samsung refrigerator.
Please send me your information and order the Samsung refrigerator repair using the appointment form.

Ice-building at the evaporator
Evaporator fan blocked with ice. Samsunf refrigerator repair.
The evaporator fan blocked with ice

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I’ll answer all your questions ASAP.

LG washer and dryer in the bathroom