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How to recognise refrigerator compressor dysfunction?

I wrote this page for the LG refrigerator compressor issue but later added helpful information for any refrigerator malfunction diagnostic. 

What do we see in the LG refrigerator case?

The fresh food compartment is not cool enough, but the food in the freezer is frozen (case#1) or not cold at all (case #2). So, we will understand compressor dysfunction, which is very common for LG refrigerators.

Case #1. A compressor issue. The temperature will be around -5°C in the freezer and around +10-15°C in the fresh food compartment. Unfortunately, it is a common problem related to the LG compressor issue (fable compressor). Usually, the compressor doesn’t stop working, but it can’t provide sufficient freon pressure. If you open the lower panel at the back of the fridge and touch the compressor, you can feel that it is running and vibrating but is hot. So you can’t keep your hand on it. This description of a faulty compressor is typical for the LG refrigerator. About 80% of low-cooling LG refrigerators have this issue. But it’s different for other brands. 

We must separate this case from signs of low cooling, such as a fault evaporator fan, freon leakage, and defrost system problems. In the first stage of Freon leakage, the temperature could be the same as that of compressor disorder, but the compressor will run almost cold. Freon leakage is considered a mostly unrepairable issue.  We can see and feel that the fan is running in many cases when we open the freezer. Otherwise, the evaporator fan will stop when you open the door in the Samsung refrigerator and some LG refrigerators. There are some models where the fan doesn’t work until the temperature is cold enough or because of a temperature sensor issue or electronics. Overall, if you open a freezer and see that the fan is working, you should be almost sure that the fan is ok, but if it is not running, it should be diagnosed strictly. 

Case #2. There is no cold at all in the refrigerator. If you see that the fridge compressor is very hot but is not vibrating, it could be the problem of the compressor starter or the compressor burning or getting stuck. These two issues are relatively rare compared to the Fable compressor problem. A refrigerator repair technician should come to check the compressor and repair the starting relay problem. If, after the diagnostic, we see that the compressor is burned or stuck, you should call LG customer service for compressor replacement. 

If you try to find information about these problems on the Internet, you will see a lot of useless recommendations. The LG site, for example, recommends starting by cleaning the condenser and tilting the refrigerator to help the doors close completely. But this rarely helps. 

What should you do if your LG refrigerator has a faulty compressor issue?

The first step is to contact LG customer service, give them your information, and book an appointment. I know that the appointment won’t be soon, which is why I recommend you first call any appliance technician and get your problem investigated. 

 LG customer service support:

In most cases, you need a compressor replacement. Their repair service is not bad, and their cost for a compressor replacement is affordable. 

To be clear, almost no technicians provide compressor replacement and freon leakage repair in Ottawa. Moreover, if you find one, the price for this type of repair will be much higher than that of the LG company. 

After that, you can try this: 

LG refrigerator is not cooling lawsuit about this compressor problem.

You can keep informed on YouTube: Many consumers have had bad experiences with LG fridges.

I can’t say that the LG refrigerator is bad. LG usually gives a ten-year warranty for its compressors. This fridge usually has no problems other than the compressor issue, and it usually comes in refrigerators older than ten years. The LG refrigerator has a good energy-saving rate and performance and works quietly. 

I hope this information helped you understand why the LG refrigerator doesn’t cool enough and what to do when it happens. 

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