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LE error code LG washing machine

Explication of the issue by a local appliance technician from Ottawa.

This search phrase “LE error code LG washer” often appears in Google. This is one of the common problems of the frontal models of an LG washing machine. I will explain to you how I diagnose and repair this misfunction. First, I like that the LG washing machine has an electronic system helping with diagnostics. So, when my clients tell me that the washing machine drum doesn’t turn, but shakes and shows LE error code I would quickly understand what the problem is. 

The LE error code of the LG washer usually means a motor sensor dysfunction. The motor sensor regulates the motor’s moving speed. Usually, the LE code occurs at the beginning of any cycle when the washing machine finishes filling up with water, and the motor should start to run. You can see that the washer’s drum makes shake moves instead of turning around. The LE code will appear in a few seconds. 

Otherwise, the LE error code may show up when other problems affect the motor moving speed. That could be stuck objects (clothes), a cracked drum shaft, or damaged motor or motor wires. It does not happen often, but if it does, it will lead to LE code too. So, turn the drum by hand and check if it moves slightly, doesn’t stop, has no horizontal moves and doesn’t make any noise. We will replace the motor speed sensor if we don’t find any of those issues. 

To replace the motor sensor, we need to remove the motor. This direct-drive vertical washing machine motor is at the back of the hub. I know how to take it off without damaging the motor wires. There are two types of sensors, and I always have them in my car to repair the LG washer LE code problem on the spot.

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LG washing machine and dryer
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