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How to Choose a Washing Machine

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By Serge of Serge Appliance Repair Ottawa, Canada.

Buying a washing machine can be challenging for any homeowner, as many brands, models, and types of washing machines are in the marketplace. So, getting an expert’s opinion on this issue can be helpful. So, what’s to consider when selecting a washer? So that you will be satisfied and not pay too much.

 When we discuss washing machines, there are several types to select from:

  1. Top-load and front-load models.
  2. Automated or mechanical.
  3. Large, medium-sized, and compact.

What Features to Consider Before Buying a Washer

Let’s start with your household’s specific needs, which significantly impact the choice:

  • The number of people who will use the machine. Bigger families need a washer with a higher load and large capacity.
  • Your budget. Various brands offer different models for every budget. Don’t buy an expensive washer if you don’t need most of its programs. Don’t forget that intelligent appliances demand costly special maintenance. 

Yet, this selection advice is just the beginning! The next thing to consider is the specific features you need in your washer. Here they are:

1.     Front-load machines can be built-in or stacked, using less water and energy. High-speed spin front loads will reduce the electricity consumed by the dryer. But, at the same time, they often have problems with their drum axis. Top-load devices can wash more laundry than front-load washers. Besides, various models have slim dimensions, bigger drums, or higher heights. Old-fashioned top-load washers, like Whirlpool and Kenmore, are exceptionally reliable. I sometimes provide minor repairs on these brands.

   2.   There are fully automated and semi-automated washers available in the market. The difference between these washing machines is simple enough. Fully automated models do the job just after you press the start button. Semi-automated models require you to do some steps manually. For example, you should remove washed laundry from the washing drum and put it in a spin drum. It may sound inconvenient, but it washes more carefully than the full-automated machine. Fully automated washing machines are more popular in Europe than in Canada. Their cost is more expensive for repair and service

3. Besides choosing the size of the washing machine, you can consider various washing functions and extras which indicate what various modes of washing and spinning are available in a particular model. For example, you need to spin at low speed when you wash delicate laundry or get higher spinning up to 1200 for cotton towels. The “rapid wash” option is also beneficial. It is good when the machine has separate settings for white clothes, cotton, silks, synthetic clothes, and wool. In addition, you will appreciate such useful functions of steaming clothes after the wash cycle to disinfect them. Also, other convenient functions are available, like remote control, quick wash, children’s protection lock, or delayed start might come in handy, together with high-speed spin and top-level energy standards.

4.  Certainly, electricity optimization will influence your choice of a new washer. A special label on the machine indicates its energy consumption class. To get an energy-efficient model that will use less electricity, you should select models of A+++ that are the most energy-efficient. Energie star is a new trademark introduced in Canada given to appliances that measure up to the best energy performance standards. These washing machines will consume 25% less electricity and 33% less water. 

Of course, this impacts the cost of the washing machine, making the purchase price higher, but it will be paid off quickly in the future.

Two important most things that can help you to make a final decision.


  1. Read other customers’ reviews where they share their experiences with the model of the washer you want to buy. This way, you can know the washing machine’s advantages and disadvantages from the users, not the sellers.
  2. The Warranty is another important thing. How long is the warranty period? Is the service call included? How long do you have to wait for the service technician? My tip. Call customer service for the model you are going to buy. How long is the waiting time to get a representative? Can they repair your washer in one day? Ask these questions.
    If you like the customer service and reviews, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your new washer. 
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