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Dryer Doesn't Spin

Nice to meet you. I’m Serge. Home appliance technician from Ottawa. I provide same-day appliance repair in Nepean, Kanata, Barrheven, all Ottawa and Gatineau. You can contact me if you need a personal approach, a good price and a guarantee. Fill in the appointment form, text me, or call me. I will be pleased to help you to find the best solution to your appliance problems. In this page I show you some common dryer problems, I meet in my dryer repair practice.

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Samsung dryer repair
Dryer Repair
Samsung Dryer Idle Issue
Idler pulley Samsung dryer
Idle Pulley

You push the start button but the dryer is not turning? You check that the door closed tightly and try again, but nothing run? I will give you some information about it. 

First of all, take a look on the dryer components. The electric motor on the bottom of the dryer provides the drum rotation. A rubber belt connects the motor shaft and the dryer’s drum. Usually, there is the third element – the belt’s pulley, which puts tension on the belt. The pulley’s spring is stretchable. This is important when the belt needs to be changed. (Picture on the right)

Here is the list of dysfunctions when the dryer won’t spin:

  • The belt is broken. You can hear that the motor is still running, but the drum is not turning. 
  • The belt is okay, but it is loose because of the pulley. This happens a lot. 
  • A faulty motor. Usually, it starts to rotate and then stops, and there is a strong burnt smell.
  • Very seldom: the motor pulley is broken. (It could happen in old Whirlpool dryers).
  • A loose motor. Most dryers have two spring clips (clamps) holding their motor in place. They may be faulty. (Common for Samsung dryer).
  • The stuck dryer blower. Usually, the blower is connected to the second tip of the motor shaft. The motor and drum can’t rotate when any object in the blower blocks the motor.
  • Some dryer brands like GE or Whirlpool don’t start when their overheat thermostat or fuse is cut off. 
  • The door switch is faulty. The dryer won’t spin when you open the door (a common Whirlpool dryer problem).  
  • Main-board/timer problem

Overall, you can see that the dryer won’t spin if it gets stuck, its driving parts are loose, or there is an electrical problem. 

pulley-belt-shaft Kenmore dryer
Dryer Belt

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