Discounts of Serge Appliance Repair

Please, read the list of my discounts and choose one that fits you. Some discounts are to help elderly people, some discounts are to attract more people from the nearest neighbourhoods, and some are to get more calls. 

Serge appliance technician in Ottawa

Fill in the discount number in the Appointment form and get the discount for the repair cost.

  • A05-25-30$15. Only May 25-30, 2023.  Fill in the Discount appointment form and get a $15 discount. The appointment form is the most convenient way to exchange information. That is why I offer this discount.
  • R$15. Retired people discount. $15. It’s not a lot, but sometimes $15 is important for the elderly. 
  • Dr06-1-10$15. Only May 12-20, 2023. Dryer repair $15 discount. I like repairing dryers. Therefore I am offering this discount. 
  • Nep$10. $10 Discount in the Nepean area (Barrheven area is not included). Nepean is the center of my business activities. 
  • Help$20. Please, use this discount if you can’t pay the full cost of the repair. Fill in the Discount appointment form and explain your situation. I will be glad to help you. 
For example: the device leaks, it makes noise. Include any relevant details.
This number can include numbers and letters. You can find it on the label of your appliance after the word MOD
The invoice will be sent to this address.
I need your name for the invoice.
Days and times please
Appliance repair-refrigerator defrost problem
Fridge drainage problem
Oven main board problem

Electronic card

Oven repair technician
Oven repair

Whirlpool washing machine and dryer repair

Whirlpool washer and dryer

Appliance repair - Electrolux dryer

Electrolux dryer

Appliance repair-Whirlpool washer motor

Whirlpool washing machine repair

  • Samsung appliance repair
  • Whirlpool appliance repair
  • Amana refrigerator repair
  • Whirlpool refrigerator repair
  • Samsung refrigerator repair
  • Whirlpool washing machine repair
  • LG washing machine repair
  • GE refrigerator repair
  • Samsung washing machine repair Ottawa
  • Samsung dryer repair Ottawa