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Common Dryer Breakdowns and Repairs

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Article of Serge, a local appliance technician from Ottawa, ON. Serge Appliance Repair.

Using a dryer is convenient and saves you time. Yet even the most reliable dryer can get out of order with time. What should you do in that case? Knowing the leading causes of breakdowns in a dryer and how to prevent breakage is essential for the owners of that household appliance. So, I decided to share some tips on what I regularly deal with when doing dryer repair and troubleshooting as a service technician in Ottawa.

The Design of a Dryer and Which Parts in It Can Be Broken

Canada’s popular dryer brands are Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Frigidaire (Electrolux), and General Electric. There are also a lot of old Whirlpool and Kenmore dryers, which have been working for 15–20 years or more.

Each dryer model consists of a laundry drum, a blower, and a heater. These three components provide the primary function – to make your laundry dry, clean, and warm. Thus, these parts can break down due to incorrect use or wear and tear. Modern electrical dryers (like Samsung or Electrolux) have innovative electronics that help adjust the device’s operation mode. So, keeping in mind these main parts, the main problems and breakdowns in your dryer can be the following:

  • Blower breakdowns due to its parts wearing, clogging, or breaking.
  • Heater or thermostat breakdowns (which is the most common problem).
  • Drum rollers breakdowns that cause weird noises or jamming of a drum.
  • Electronics failure.
  • Duct damages.

These are the most common issues in my experience, yet there can be many other minor, no less annoying breakages that should be fixed to provide you with a complete performance of the appliance. 

Main Causes of Dryer Breakdowns

 What is the leading cause of the substandard performance of your dryer? Here are several problems you should consider.

1.   Overloading of the dryer. When you try to dry a significant amount of clothes, the appliance experiences overloading. The dryer’s belt, belt’s pulley, and drum rollers will wear out quickly.

2.   Bad mounting without levelling the device can lead to higher noises and the appearance of backlash due to excess vibration.

3.   Improper operation includes loading clothes with small items in pockets that can damage the drum or loading the dryer with badly squeezed, dripping clothes.

4.   Bad cleaning or not cleaning your dryer at all. Each appliance needs to be cleaned and maintained to work correctly.

5.  Short circuits or power outages while the dryer is on. That can harm the electronics even in the most reputable appliance brands like Bosh and Siemens, Miele, or GE.

So, if you want to reduce the possibility of your dryer’s breakage, please follow these simple rules.

  • Never overload the dryer.
  • Check the pockets before you place clothes into the dryer.
  • Regularly clean the device and provide its maintenance.
  • Keep a ventilation duct cleaned from the dryer until the outdoor exit of the warm air.

Providing the Repair: 

There is no time to wait when you see that your dryer is operating strangely or doesn’t turn on. You must call a serviceman! The more you use a broken dryer, the more damage it will cause, and the more expensive the repair will be. 

Also, using a malfunctioning dryer with clogged airflow can cause a fire. Be sure it won’t recover itself. Moreover, repairing it yourself is not a good idea unless you are a service technician. The best advice to adhere to in case of your dryer’s breakdowns is as follows:

  • Turn it off and remove the laundry from it.
  • Unplug the device from the power source.
  • Do not try to remove the appliance.
  • Call a technician and book an appointment.
  • Get the results of a pro’s inspection.
  • Decide on the repair (if it is possible).
  • Get your repaired dryer and use it.

That’s my tip for the best things you can do when your dryer goes out of order. 

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